Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alchimie Brightening Moisture Mask

When I was younger I was never really into skincare products but it seems the older I get the more I love finding products that help my face feel smooth while helping control my little acne problems on my forehead. Amazingly, I was picked as a Bloom Ambassador where I get the unique opportunity to review some amazing beauty products. Alchemie is a popular Sweden skincare brand that was offered primarily in dermitological offices but has since been offered everywhere including the US. The brightening moisture mask goals is to help brighten dull skin while moisturizing your face and providing antioxidants that will help lessen premature aging. 

The very first thing that I noticed about this mask was how creamy it was. It literally felt like I was rubbing whipped cream on my face. As I have been trying out different skincare products I noticed my cheeks were a little irritated and I hope that this product would help sooth my skin. 

This mask doesn't get hard so despite leaving on it will maintain its creamy texture. I can't even explain to you how soft my face felt after I washed the mask off. It was crazy soft! I spend like 10 mins rubbing my cheeks with my hands. I also noticed a reduction in my red irritated cheeks. The mask didn't irritate my skin or cause my face to be oily so I think it is suitable for any type of skin. 

Overall, I am def satisfied with the results this products produces on my face. I will def continue to use it twice a week and hope it continues to make my skin feel nice and smooth while helping my face keep a uniform complexion. 

Price: $60
Where to find: bloom.com

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