Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coastal Scents Eyeshadows

I just got a bunch of amazing eyeshadows from Coastal Scents and I swatched them all for you. All of these are without a primer to demonstrate the bright amazing pigmentation these shadows have. 

The newest polishes: the vibrant colors. Vibrant blue, MEO3, Vibrant Pink and Vibrant plum. 
Aren't these colors super bright? I can't wait to do some amazing shadow work with these! This sky blue, lime green, rosy pink and bright purple.

Deep Virdian, Vibrant Blue green, gypsy gold and Jewel Teal
Sorry I switched around the middle two but you can tell what is what. Deep virdian is a bright shimmery turquoise, gypsy gold is a shimmery natural gold color, vibrant blue green is a matte color and jewel teal is a very shimmery blue/green color.

HD-MEO1, Olive, Fairy Gold and CM02
You can see hear that HEMEO1 is a smokey dark green, Olive is a lighter tree green, Fairy gold is bright coin gold, and CMO2 is a bright yellow color. 

HPME26, Carmel, Reef Coral, S29
Here you can see HPME26 is a shimmery orange/gold, carmel is a more natural light brown, reef coral is a rosy pink and S29 is a light grey/white color.

CMO7, SMO8, S13, and CMO6
CM07 is a deep plum purple, SMO8 is a metallic looking pink color, S13 is a metallic like lavender and CMO6 is a neon pink color. 

Again these swatches are w/out a primer so you can only imagine how pigmented they will look in reality! So pretty! I love every color and can't wait to wear them. Also, they sell their shadows separately so you can custom create your own palette. When you buy 12 pots you get one palette that includes a mirror free. The magnetic pots stick easily to pot. What a great deal!

Price: $1.99 per pot- ~24 for 12 shadows plus a palette to store them. Can't get a better deal for that!

There also is a huge sale on some of their palettes (30-40% off) through May 18th. I recommend the Smokey eye one!

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