Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mahya Mineral Makeup

As I recently moved to Texas my face has been getting more oily. Thus, I needed some serious coverage for my little acne prone areas which are my forehead and nose. I've tried it all liquid foundation, pressed powder and found that my face would be extremely shiny by the end of the day. I got a sample of a mineral foundation a while ago and loved how light and natural it looked so I really wanted to try a bunch of mineral makeup products to see how they looked/lastest. I was so fortunate to find a local company called Mahya Cosmetics send me some of their products to try.

Mineralized foundation and concealer were the first products I tried out. From left to right we have Nude (concealer), Sun Kiss (Foundation), Pure Beige (Foundation) and Natural (concealer)  

Here are the swatches of the foundations: Sun Kiss, and pure beige.

Swatches of concealers- Natural and Nude. 

Application of foundations is so easy. Just dip/swirl your Kabuki brush into the powder, tap the excess powder off and apply! I was scared at first bc the foundation colors looked extremely light as compared to my arm skin tone but both blended in great. The difference between the two is sun kissed had more of a shimmer to it as compared to Pure Beige. 

The next thing I tried for the first time is mineralized blushes in French Kiss and and Warm glow

Here are the swatches of French Kiss and warm glow.

French kiss is a peachy shimmery color that looks so amazing on brown tone skin like my own. Warm glow lighter but much more shimmery than French kiss. It is perfect for that summer glow look your going for.   

Mineralized eyeshadow is something I have always wanted to try. I love eyeshadow! Fairy Tale, Lapis, For You, Sensual, Lilac, Rust, and Romance (Center)

Here are the swatches to the shadow in the above order. I didn't think they would be so pigmented but if you wet your brush a little before getting some shadow it will come out extremely pigmented. They also have a nice shimmer that looks nice in the sun. They surprisingly feel really light and don't crease on oily eyelids. 

The last thing I review is a Mineral lip gloss called Parfait. 

Mineral lip gloss? Wow I had never heard of that before. This color was so perfect for me it was very natural, it is light, and has a smooth texture. I would def use mineral lip gloss again!

Overall, I loved all the mineralized products I tried. Having only used a mineral foundation before I have learned of lots of other stuff. Mahya Cosmetics 100% pure crushed mineral based makeup so they more beneficial to the skin and are oil-free.They don't clog up your pores and aren't made with any oils with is beneficial to individuals suffering with acne. Also, this company does not test on animals. I love how mineralized makeup feels and doesn't clog up my pores ~ makes my skin more oily so I will def make the switch to use more mineralized products.

Mahya Cosmetics is offered throughout the Dallas area as well as online. To find out more about prices and products check them at:

** These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinin.

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