Monday, May 14, 2012

Anise Swatches

Summer if officially here! It's time to go soak up the sun and get tan! Here is Anise's Summer Nail collection. Anise polishes are sold at DSW. 

Here are some of the polishes in this collection: Bronzed Babe, Yummy Sorbet, Let's Tiki, Chill out, Sun Soaker

Bronzed Babe makes me think of tanning. It is a shimmery brown color that looks very nice and natural. And it doesn't look bad on darker people.

Of course in the sun we all scream for ice cream! Or sorbet. This bright pink/coral color is sooo pretty. 

I don't know why but when I saw Let's Tiki I thought of margarita's before I thought of Luah. This light/creamy green is very bright which I love!

Chill out is a bright beautiful sky blue color. You can't help but think of the clear skies you see during the summer. 

Lastly, Sun soaker is a more gold/shimmery color. I think it looks better on me than Bronzed babe and also a very natural nail color. 

Overall, I was extremely pleased with all of the colors especially the brighter ones! Each polish was 2 coats with a top coat.

Price: $6.00 but keep an eye out for their B1G1 50% off
Where to find: DSW

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