Thursday, May 24, 2012

California Mango Cuticle Oil

Since I am painting my nails at least 10x a day I have noticed my cuticles looking ugly and uglier. I went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply and an associate recommended this California Mango Cuticle Treatment Oil. 

OMG! OMG! This oil smells like mango it is so sweet, so yummy, its the best smelling cuticle oil I have used. The brush is amazing and doesn't put a lot of oil that its dripping off your fingers. You can wipe just a small dab. Containing a special blend of natural oils including Jojoba and Meadowfoaw, this cuticle has helped moisturize and keep my cuticles become so soft. They definitely are the healthiest looking my cuticles have been. And you only need a little dab each time so this will last a very long time and its really cheap. 

Do you use another brand of cuticle oil that works good? I would love to learn of other brands. 

Price: $3.69
Where to find: Sally's Beauty Supply

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