Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maybelline 14 Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge

I am the biggest lip gloss fan! But lately I have been getting into lipstick. Particularly red lipstick. Now we all know designer lip sticks are pretty expensive so I am on the hunt for cheap good quality lipstick. My first review is on Maybelline's 14 Hr Lipstick in Red or Ravishing Rogue. 

First off this lipstick has a yummy fruity smell to it! Seriously it smells good. It has a decent texture not too rough and def not really smooth. It is a medium red tone with a slight shimmer to it. I applied the lipstick and waited for about 5 mins to let it dry and then went out to dinner with the bf. First thing I noticed when I drank out of my straw, lipstick was on it. 

By the end of the meal, most if not all of my lipstick was off. It did not last 14HRS. It didn't even last 2 Hrs. Sad bc I love my Ruby Woo Mac lipstick that stays on for a long time but its expensive. I really want to find better, cheaper alternative lipsticks. 

Do you have any lipstick that last long and is affordable? Please help me on my search for good/cheap lipsticks by leaving a comment below. 

Price: ~7
Where to find: Any department Store

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