Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Put on Gel Eyeliner

I don't know about you guys but I seriously suck at putting liquid eyeliner. The brush is so thin, the liner comes off so easily and I just shake a little too much for it. Epic Fail! I instead use gel liner. It's not as wet as liquid liner so it won't smear everywhere and I just find it easier to apply. Want to learn how to apply gel liner? Trust me it is soooooo easy.

All you need to apply gel liner is the liner (Jade) and an angled brush.

If this is your first time practice how to use your angled brush. Gently swipe the brush in the liner and literally draw a line on your arm. It takes a bit but once you got it you got it! Just imagine you have a pencil and you want to draw a straight line. Just swipe across and wah lah!

I recommend applying all your eye makeup first before applying liner. Sorry I forgot to take the picture before the liner. 

Starting from the inner eyelid take your angled brush and like you just did on your arm gently swipe it across your eyelid. Don't worry your NOT going to get it perfect in one swipe. You will have to go back and draw on the parts you missed.  And if you should make a mistake don't scream just moisten a Q-tip and remove it that easy! 

Practice makes perfect and look at the right middle area it isn't perfect guess I shouldn't have done it quickly and my liner is getting a bit dry but it looks good enough! Once you do it enough times you will be pro and do it fast. But I think it is easier than liquid, doesn't smear and looks just as nice. 

Price: Varies (gel liner and angled brush)
Where to buy: any department store or makeup store

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