Monday, June 3, 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

I love blush! It is something I def cannot go a day without bc my face looks boring without it. It def brings out your cheekbones. I love pink, bronzer, red, and am open to trying different brands. I heard a lot of good things for Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes so when they had a 50% off sale a while back ago I had to get me some. I am starting to get into baked cosmetics as well!!

Each blush comes in a sturdy container and I like the fact that the container itself represents the color of the blush. Also the mirror is really big and perfect and each blush has a little plastic circle that covers the powder to prevent it from getting all over the mirror. 

The first two colors I got was natural beauty and tipsy

Natural beauty looks like a deep red based on the container but is actually a light red color with a light hint of shimmer. Pigment is good on this one and it can be good on light or dark colors

Tipsy is a peachy with a slight shimmer in it. It would look really nice on light skin people and can give a nice subtle natural look on darker skin people

The next two colors I got was Charisma and Peaceful

Charisma is a really shimmery pink/peach color. A little too shimmery for my taste but it will def give you color and highlight

Peaceful is another heavily shimmer color in light peach. Probably would look really nice on lighter skin. 

The last color I got was dollface bc I love me a pink blush

Dollface is true to its name a rosy pink matte. I love this one in particular bc there is absolutely no shimmer in it. It would go well with light skin but sad to say is hard to see on darker skin.

Arm swatches of Natural Beauty, Tipsy, Charmisa, Peaceful and Dollface

The blushes come off fairly well, good pigmentation, wasn't really a fan of the shimmery ones though. The blushes weren't powdery at all and blended very easily. I really wished dollface could be seen better on me. Guess I will give it to my sister since she's lighter along with the shimmery ones. Overall I would say they were okay. Not the best like I heard them to be. Just okay.

Price $26

**disclaimer-these products were purchased by me**

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