Monday, June 17, 2013

Almay Smart Shade Bronzer

I have been on the hunt for really good bronzer since summer is here!! Last week I tried the Fergie one from WnW and loved it and saw the new Almay Smart shade one the other day and had to give it a try

I chose #40 Sunkissed because it was the darkest of the other colors and so I thought it would look better with my skin tone.

Containing 3 different shades on the bronzer- a dark, medium brown and light color used for highlighting the combination of all 3 should give you a perfect bronzing look for all skin tones.

I wanted to see how the product looked on my inner arm which is lighter than my face and I will know how it will look on me. As you can see from my swatch you barely see the bronzer on me.

On my face- you can't even tell I have anything on. Okay it does but its very very light and you can see the glitter shimmer more than anything. Personally, I liked the WnW pigmentation way more than this. It looked more golden and really brought out my cheekbones. So sad, I really wanted to like this but unfortunately I am going to have to say Fail in my book. It probably will show up better on lighter skin but for some reason it doesn't show up on me. Plus the Fergie one is like 4 dollars cheaper and is bigger. But this is my personal opinion so its all up to you =)

Where to find- Any drug stores- CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart etc. 

**disclaimer- This product was purchased by me**
**This product was purchased by me

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