Friday, June 14, 2013

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

What is your favorite app for your smartphone? Mine is def Wrapp. If you haven't heard about this app its basically one where you can send virtual gift cards to your FB friends. Some are free and some you have the option of purchasing ones. Most free ones range from $5-10 depending on what company they feature. A few weeks ago I got a Lancome $10 wrapp card from my friend. I waited for the right moment when Lancome offered free shipping for any purchase and I got a mascara. I have never tried any Lancome product and was super excited!!! 

I chose a mascara which was originally $28 which I def wouldn't normally buy. 

The mascara I chose was the Hypnose Drama mascara. First off it was the first snake or S-shaped mascara I have seen so I had to see what it offered. To me the shape would make it easier to reach the inner/outer lashes you normally can't reach and it would be easier to uniformly put the mascara on.

The first thing I noticed was it added pretty good length as you can see on my lashes with the left hand side containing mascara and the right hand side with nothing

Side view of mascara side (left) and regular lashes side (right) 

As far as volume goes I didn't see a dramatic thickness to them that I usually like. In fact its pretty hard for me to tell the difference between my lashes with mascara (left ) and without (right) in terms of thick voluminous ones. 

And while the mascara offered pretty good length at first within 10 minutes my lashes didn't stay in place long and dropped down where I needed to re-curl them a bunch of times. I def was not liking that as I like mascaras that can stay in place for a little while. The brush shape is really cool but to me there was no added benefit for it. I could easily reach every lash by carefully using my wand to each area.

So would I ever pay $28 again for this mascara?
The answer is no... and I am kind of disappointed bc being a Lancome product I guess I expected more. I know a lot of drug store brands that can do the same thing as this one. Def not impressed. 

Where to buy: Any department store (Macy's, Nordstrom, etc.)

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**

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  1. i've heard about that app. it sounds pretty amazing!!! the mascara looks great as well. actually not great, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! your eyelashes look beautiful.

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