Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hold me Company

With all my traveling lately and my upcoming move I have been getting into makeup organizers like crazy! I just love learning about all the companies and different types of bags there are out there! As I have lots and lots of makeup it is great to find ways to store them especially for cross country road trips lol! So when Hold me company asked me to try their unique version of a makeup organizer I couldn't resist 


Hold me bag is very unique bc it can be rolled into a hand bag so to speak or actually kind of like a wrislet but minus the strap and for makeup only! Also its made from the vegan suede fabric. Bags also come with a little design in each and they have a bunch of prints.  

So let's check out whats inside the bag!!!
There are two main components in this bag the top one and bottom. Lets see what you can put in the top portion of the bag.

The top portion of the bag is mainly for storage of brushes. Each individual pocket is big so you can git quite a few brushes in each one. There is a flap that closes the brushes to protect them.

The bottom portion is a big bag that you can hold endless things with. 

Let's see the different ways I used mine....

One thing you can do is take a bunch of palettes with you. There is a little slot that can hold things like eye liners, mascaras or little palettes while the rest of the bag can hold more bulkier palettes 

Another way I used my bag was to hold blushes. I only posted a few of mine here but you can def stack a bunch of them in it.

The last thing I stored with my Hold me Bag is of course... nail polish! I just threw a few in there but you could def take polishes to go on your trip or whatever. 

So as you can see the possibilities to use this bag are endless. Going for a night out with the girls after work? No problem just fill your bag, tie it up, and carry it like a hand bag! It is really cool. The only thing I would say is the downside is the price. The bag I have right here is called Dear Daphne and runs for $55 dollars. As a college student I def couldn't afford it in the real world. 

Price- $55

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