Monday, October 29, 2012

Jonathan Dirt Paste

Hate flyaways especially in the winter? Wish you could glue your hair style literally? I tried a product that seriously holds your hair. Dirt texturizing paste by Jonathan is the ultimate syling paste that will give your hair control and help repair all hair types.

Containing lemongrass water, sweet almond proteins and lots of natural botanical exracts, dirt paste def has a nice fresh scent to it.

A little goes a long def don't need that much for your hair. The paste is extremely thick so def rub rub your hands to heat the paste so it can go on your hair alot smoother.

Here is what it looks like after I rubbed it to melt it a little. You def can see how thick it is. I had to wash my hands with soap to get it off that's how strong of a hold it will produce on your hair.

Make sure you rub it around to make it smoother or else you will put a giant glob on your hair and it will be harder to smoothen it out then and white chunks in your hair will def not look nice. Plus its so thick its hard to smoothen it on once its on your hair. But if you smoothen before your apply to your hair like I do it will apply to your hair a lot easier. I used the Dirt paste to do a snooki doo! I think it went on great and it def keeps your hair styled for a long time.

Overall, it does an amazing job but I am not a big fan of how thick it is. I wish it was a little bit thinner in consistency. I do love the smell of it though! Again this is my personal preference, I know lots of people who loved it!

Price $14 currently on sale for $11.20 
To check out this product visit Bloom or the direct link to the product here

**disclaimer-this product was provided in my beauty ambassador box and was included for my 100% hoenst opinion**

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