Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October BB Box

I apologize that this is a really quick review but I have class in less than 30 minutes so I have to head out soon. OMG BB this month.. here is what I got..

The theme this month was transformation. I didn't get the goop box bc I forgot to request it lol.

What was included in this regular BB box was.
1. Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Perfume- honesly I am very much over perfume samples. If I wanted these I would just got to a department store and get them.
2. Mox Botanicals-Pomegranate and fig Lip Butter. It smelled lovely but the product is like the size of a quarter. Its really small.
3. Supergoop Sunscreen. BB its october! I do NOT need any suncreen anymore!
4. theBalm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer. Although it is a very small sample its cute!

Here are pictures to show you how small each are. They look big on here but trust me there not!

See the color is cute!

Also, I was supposed to get a Luna bar but that wasn't in it as well!

All in all I am bummed bc everything was small and quite frankly it sucked! Sorry I sound like I am on a rant but it was a long day and the box made me more mad lol!

did you get anything good?


  1. Ive wanted to try theBalm product you got:) Hope your next box is better.
    Sara xx

    1. I hope next month is better too. theBalm is okay. I prob will use it like a shadow instead of a highlighter.

  2. I got the same box as you, I'm just up to here with BB...it's all stuff I'd get for free with a Sephora order or handed to me while walking around Nordstrom! I think I'm gonna cancel, and just keep my Myglam subscription. I get full size items from them.

    1. Yeah me too! I am giving them to Dec if its not better I'm done!

  3. This is supposed to be the box I'm getting except I am getting the tea instead of the sunscreen. (Think I'd rather have the sunscreen) NOT impressed this month!

  4. I had the goop one and it was a good box

    1. I'm jealous the goop one looked good. I forgot to pick the goop box. =(



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