Monday, October 1, 2012

Joey New York's Bye Bye Blackheads

Using the nourishing power of Green Coconut Water, Joey New York
created a line packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.  Consisting of 7 different products I chose to review the Bye Bye Blackheads as I have lots of them around my nose area.

Working to remove blackheads and minimize pores, this products help to treat acne breakouts. applying on areas enriched with blackheads you only need to leave the gel masque treatment on for 1 minute before you rinse and in a circular motion remove the product as well as blackheads. Enriched with young tender Green coconut water, and indian ginseng this complex will help smooth and repair skin while gently exfoliating the skin with vitamin E to nourish skin.

To show you its true results, I did not apply any makeup on my face (hense the oily nose). I know it's really ugly. You can def see all the blackheads on the sides of my nose area as well as my big ol' pores in the middle of my nose.

I used this product 2x a week for a month. It was super hot the day I took this picture so yeah ugly oily nose still. But if you look you can see that my pores are a little bit smaller and see the clearing on the sides of my nose. I still have lots more to repair but I can def say it is true to its word and I hope with continued use I will be ridden of blackheads!

Overall, I would def recommend this to someone suffering from blackheads looking or big pores! I'm hoping with continued use for another month or so my nose will start looking a lot better.

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*Disclaimer-This product was provided to me for my honest opinion*

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