Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Butter London Swatches

Finally swatched the nail polishes I got from Coterie's awesome Butter London Deal. 

The three polishes I got were: Wallis, West End Wonderland, All Hail the Queen and the Matte Finish Top Coat.  It's been a little while since I've done swatches and let me just say I missed them! As I work in healthcare I can't have long nails so as always my swatches are on short nails.

Wallis is a forest green color with gold in it. Absolutely gorgeous! Love it! This color will look good with beige outfits and kind of reminds me of the anicent Roman banquets (did one in middle school).

West End Wonderland is an fabolous gold and hint of maroon glitter polish. Took me only two coats to cover my nail and I felt like a celebrity in this seriously. In the sun the reflection of the glitter is just fabolous seriously! I can't wait to wear it out at night with a black outfit and gold jewlery. Def Classy!

When I saw the bottle I thought I wouldn't like it but All Hail the Queen is a cute natural polish with a hint of glitter. I could def wear this to work and still feel like my nails look cute.

Okay I have to admit I never really was a matte fan. But when I seen how the Matte finish top coat turned my All Hail the Queen I def saw how cute they could be. It actually looked really cool and now I can saw that matte polishes are actually nice! Can't wait to see how it transition some of my other favorite polishes.

I hope you enjoyed the polishes you got from the Coterie deal and if you missed out I hope they swatches show you how pretty these colors from Butter London are. These are amazing colors for the fall and I def will be wearing them often.

** Disclaimer-These polishes were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**

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  1. They're all gorgeous. I have West End Wonderland I can't wait to wear it.



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