Thursday, May 30, 2013

NYC Bronzers/Blushes

Summertime means bronzing time!

 Looking for a new blush or bronzer to go with your new tan?

 On a budget?

Well let's check out 3 blushes and bronzers I recently got to review from NYC!

The first bronzer I have for you today is the Sun 'n' bronze bronzing powder. It has a bunch of browns that will combine to create a shimmery summer glow to your face. There are 4 different shades in this collection and the one I got was Fire Island Tan that has a medium and medium dark brown with a hint of a gold shimmer to it. It comes out very golden brown on my skin tone and I feel like J-Lo with it lol! Other colors in this collection have more dramatic colors so if your looking for a color to make your cheekbones pop def check out the other shades.
 Price for this bronzer is ~$4.99

The second bronzer I got was the Sun 2 Sun bronzing powder in Terracotta tan. This collection only has two shades one with browns for darker skins like the one above and the other with browns for a lighter skin tone. You will see later on in my hand swatches but the lighter brown hardly shows up on my skintone but that brown looks absolutely amazing on my color. Very happy with how it looks.
Price ~$4.99

Not feeling like applying a bronzer? Prefer a little color to your cheeks instead? Well then the Color wheel Face powder is for you! I am not sure why it is called face powder bc it makes it seem like its a foundation but I def used the one I got as a blush bc its a pink color. Pink berry is what I got and I am not sure if it is an old color or one that will be coming out soon but it is not shown on the NYC website.  Pink berry has a bunch of purples and pinks that will combine to give you a natural blush color that is perfect to wear for work. There are four colors in the current collection and there is one that is called pink cheek glow that has pinks and brown color in it. It looks beautiful and when I get the chance I def want to try that one out.
Price ~$4.99

Swatches of the Sun 'n' bronze in Fire Island Tan, Sun 2 Sun in Teracotta tan (2 swatches) and finally the Color Wheel Face Powder in Pink Berry.

Where to find: CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart or any other drug retailer

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. Personally, bronzers aren't my thing. I do like the detailed review for the color wheel face powder. Great review overall :)

  2. I soooo need a tan...but no more sun for me! I can't use self tanner on my face - so bronzer is the next thing I'll try. Thanks for the review. :)

  3. I have a face powder just like this by MUA which is a budget UK brand. It is exactly the same! How odd is that?



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