Monday, May 6, 2013

Physician Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Looking for a new drug store mascara? How about a organic formula based on? Well her is my review on the Physician's Formula Organic wear mascara I got from to test.

Made with 70% organic farming ingredients, the Organic wear mascara helps lashes lengthen and volumize those lashes. One thing I am picky about when it comes to mascaras is the brush. I hate when its thick bristles and makes clumpy lashes yuk!

Let's see what kind of bristles are on the Organic wear mascara

Yay! The brush has nice separated bristles to make sure all lashes get an evenly distribution of the mascara. All you do is your regular wiggle technique and you got nice clump-free lashes.

Sorry my forehead is sweating a little yuk! I think I tried it out after a jog lol! But as you can see on the left hand side the Organic wear mascara helps lengthen lashes really well. It also volumizes good too as compared to my boring, flat, normal lashes. 

Overall, for a drug store mascara this does a great job at giving me length and volume to my lashes! Love the brush it helps me get my mascara on clump-free. And most importantly its made from natural ingredients so you don't have to be scared about what your putting on your eyes. If I could say one con I would say that my lashes tend to start falling by the end of the day so you might want to curl them before you apply this mascara or after (I know bad bad) to make sure it lasts all day! Other than that its a keeper!!

Price $9.95 at any drug store 
**This week at CVS all PF products are $6 off so you can score this mascara for $3.95 amazing deal!!!!

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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  1. I love organic cosmetics for sure, this mascara lokks like having true results on lashes..... Great review sweetie...

    Kisses from Greece



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