Thursday, May 2, 2013

IMATS 2013 Beauty Product Reviews- LA Splash Cosmetics

It's about time I start reviewing some of the things I got from IMATS in NY.  One of the products I bought and wanted to try bc I heard of the company before was LA Splash. I glanced around and saw they had a lot of glittery cosmetics which I try to stay away from but I saw the black liner and decided I wanted to give it a try.

Packaging of the eye liner is very simple. Like that you can see the color the liner will be. In my case black but you could see the color of the blue, red etc. 

I don't know if the tip is sponge or what not but it is extremely delicate. You could def bend it if you take it out rough for sure. But at the same time I actually liked the brush bc it made it super easy to apply it. I def would recommend a brush like this for beginners. The regular brushes that come with liquid eye liners you know the ones that look like paintbrushes? They are the reason I hate putting liquid liner on. The one on this liner is nice!


As you can see from my swatch the liner is pigmented very well. It also dries pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I went jogging like 15 minutes after I applied the liner and while it is supposed to be water resistant and smudgeproof...its not. I came home looking like I cried black tears. Was not a pretty sight and almost all of the liner was off. I was bummed bc it showed so much promise. Good thing it was super cheap at the IMATS. 

Regular price $7
IMATS Special Price-$1-2 (I think will get back to you after I asked my blogger friend if she remembers)

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