Friday, May 24, 2013

Get Ready for Summer with Neutrogena

Summertime is almost near in Dallas! For others it might already be there! As a biologist I know how important it is to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun! You should always wear SPF when your out in direct sunlight to help protect your skin from aging and skin cancer! Recently Neutrogena contacted me to review some new and popular suncare products! 

Neutrogena sent over a variety of different types: ones for water, sensitive skin, your face to be used daily and more. Let's check them out now and see what each is used for.

Beach Defense (~$10.49) is a new line from Neutrogena. It's SPF 70 so you know first off your getting amazing protection. Remember, the higher the SPF the more protection you get. The beach defense is water resistant and will last up to 80 minutes. Its extremely light weight and usually I hate the smell of sunscreen but this one has a nice light scent to it! Its oil free so you don't look greasy and PABA free. Def like this one! 

Not a big fan of lotions? No problem! Neutrogena also has the Ultra Sheer Body Mist that is SPF 100+ (~$11.49). As you can see this one has even better protection than the first one I reviewed. This would  probably be good for people who burn really easily and like I mentioned ones who don't like the feeling of lotion on. Its super easy to put on just spray all over. The spray is also lightweight and oil-free. 

Summertime means swimming time for children! They will probably out all day so neutrogena offers a wet skin kids sunscreen with SPF of 45+ (~$10.49). What's good about this one is say your child jumps in the pool and you forget to put sunscreen.. no problem the wet skin collection is able to cut through water and apply directly to wet skin. I don't have any kids and my nephew is far so I can't say much about it but that it is lightweight. 

Do you have extremely sensitive skin? Like you break out with harsh chemicals? Neutrogena also offers the Sensitive Skin Sunscreen (~$10.49) with SPF 60 protection. This one feels like it moisturizes more on my skin and it fragrance free, oil free, water resistant, PABA free and hypoallergenic. 

Perhaps the most important part of your body that is never usually shielded from the sun is your face! You could easily burn by just walking around during the day thats why Neutrogena created the Clear Face line (~10.49)And I have seen some picture of skin damage from not protecting it and it is def not pretty. Now I know I break out easily with products that have oil in it. The area on my face that is most prone to breaking out is the T-zone or my forehead and sides of my nose! The clear face line is supposed to give a matte finish and also not clog your pores. I haven't broken out just yet and it def does not make my skin oily or shiny at all

And finally the last product I got is the from the Pure and Free baby line made specific for sensitive babies skin (~10.49). Made from natural ingredients this sunscreen is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil free, PABA free, and water resistant. Now I don't have a baby so I can't tell you how well it would work on babies but it did seem pretty lightweight, moisturizing and not too greasy.

Overall, I like that Neutrogena has made collection to help all types of people: sensitive skin ones, ones who need good protection, ones who like spray instead of lotion and I am sure there is much more lines. I did swatch all and none felt heavy they all felt lightweight. They did not have a harsh chemical smell and they were not greasy. I really hated putting sunscreen on and then filling sticky. Also, I like that they have pretty high SPF on all of there protects. Higher SPF = better protection for all of us!

Where to find- Any drugstore

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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