Friday, May 3, 2013

IMATS 2013 Beauty Product Reviews-Grafton Cosmetics

Continuing on my IMATs reviews I seen a private cosmetics company called Grafton cosmetics and I kept passing by and eyeing their baked makeup and I gave in and just had to try some.

The first thing I got was a 3 in one eyeshadow duo

I really liked the colors in this one so thats why I chose it. It has a green, a brown, and a beige

The green is like an olive color with a golden shimmer to it. The second color is a chocolate brown with a hint of shimmer. The beige also has a shimmer to it too. 

The second product I got was a baked blush

It's almost summer time so I got a bronzer and instead of a pinky blush. I have never tried a baked blush either so I was so excited to try it 

Look at the golden shimmer this has. Gorgeous! I will be getting my j-lo on with this color. It is sooo pretty!!

Overall, I am in love with the two baked cosmetics I got from Grafton Cosmetics. I had never heard from them before but I am so glad I tried them. That olive eyeshadow is def my favorite and looks amazing with my skintone.The only bad thing is I can't seem to find the prices of these products online and I am kind of nervous they might be expensive bc there a private label. But they do go to tradeshows so check them out if you ever head to one.

IMATS show Price- $10ea

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