Thursday, August 22, 2013

Barielle Treatment Creams

I am the worst person at putting cream on my hands and feet before I leave in the mornings! So of course along with washing my hands all the time working in health care my hands have gotten very dry. My feet especially the heels are even worse! Barielle recently sent over their protective hand cream and feet care cream and I was really excited because I heard a lot of other bloggers tell me how amazing they are!

Price $8 2.5 oz or $15 for 6oz
The first cream I tried was the hand cream. It is not too greasy and doesn't have a strong yucky smell! It moisturizes very well and leaves my hands feeling nice and soft especially my knuckles which I noticed are always ashy or at least were always ashy and of course!! 

Price $12 for 2.5 oz

The foot cream kind of reminds me of baby lotion smell wise but it is pretty thick. My heels especially have been chapped very bad so I try and put this on when I remember but for sure every time I put on sandals. Def give enough time for your lotion to absorb or you will foot will slip around in your shoes lol! This foot care cream is very moisturizing and I have def noticed my chapped heels are getting MUCH better than they originally were. So if you love wearing sandals and want your feet to look soft and beautiful def give this cream a try!

Overall I love both of these and would recommend them to anyone looking to moisturize their hands or feet!!

Where to find- Online

**disclaimer-these products were sent for my 100% honest opinion**

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