Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Almay Oil-free Makeup Removing Face Wipes

On the hunt for cheaper makeup remover. Saw these Almay one and thought it would be nice because it said oil-free and I have oily skin now so I figured it would be nice

They come in a little bag with 25 in them like this. The seal is way better than the Olay one's which kept opening on me so the wipes were always moist and never dried out

The wipes are a good size, with regards to scent I wasn't the biggest fan of it but its okay

Def one thing I noticed was it got the makeup off better than the Olay ones I had. I wasn't sitting there rubbing my eyes off and the wipes didn't sting my eyes either. I did notice my skin was a little sticky afterwards and not sure why?? Also bc they were oil-free I thought they would help not increase my oily production but I did notice a increase in oil around my nose area and forehead. But I am not 100% sure if its because of the wipes itself or due to the fact that I am in a new state and whether its climate changes. So I can't say for sure whether I like them or not!!

Price: Varies ~ $6-7
Where to find- any drug stores

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**

1 comment:

  1. I've bought them once and NEVER will again!! It was too oily for me as you said and it kinda felt like a burning sensation on my face... I finished them but I rinsed them a bit before using them , I know it sounds dumb but It wasn't burning that much. I think on buying neutrogena and see how it works or the ELF's one.



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