Monday, April 22, 2013

Coastal Scents Blushed Too Palette

I love blush! So I was on the hunt for a cheap but nice palette where I could have a variety of blushes to achieve a bunch of looks. A year ago when I first started blogging I found Coastal Scents a Florida based company that sells extremely affordable cosmetics. They recently just came out with the Blush Too palette tht I just had to try.

This palette is a 10 pan one with a bunch of different types of colors in it sure enough to fit everyone's skin color. I hate that my camera made them all look lighter but you will see on my swatches their true color. In this palette some blushes are matte while others are pearl so and each pressed powder comes off smoothly.

On this side there are light pink and purple blushes. I bet your jaw dropped when I said purple huh?
On the other side are more coral and a neutral one.

Ready to see the swatches?

I apologize because I did the swatches for the top row and the bottom instead of breaking them into sections like I did for the other pictures.
While the colors in the palette don't have a name I will just describe the color and type of blush it is.
1- Rosy light matte color. Might not look great on my skintone but I bet it would look amazing on a lighter one.
2. Matte dusty rose color-its a mixture between brown and pink. This would be a perfect natural color for lighter skin tones
3. Pearl shimmery light pink.
4- Darker shimmery dusty pink
5- Orange shimmery color. You would be surprised that it can give you a really nice look but a little goes a long way!

6- Matte Lavender purple. I know what your saying lavender? I was like maybe they accidently put a eyeshadow on here but this colors looks amazing on my skin tone. My favorite color in the palette and I am so surprised by that.
7- Matte rosey purple. Another color to give you a nice natural color to your cheeks
8- Darker pink-maroon matte color. Apply a little amount at first then add on to get your desired look.
9- Matte Brown color. Great to give you that bronze look for the summer
10- Light shimmery pink-brown color. Good for natural and bronze color for the summer.

Overall, the pigments in this palette are amazing! A little goes a long way for sure! Trust me! You don't need much to get the look you want! I love the variety of colors and uniqueness as I honestly would have never thought a purple color would make a good blush! Def got me to think outside the box and opens my eyes to try colors I normally would not! And best of all the price is amazing! even college student can afford it. Coastal scents always has sales so keep any eye out!

Price $15.95

**disclaimer- These product was purchased by me **

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