Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hard Night Good Morning Products

I love trying new companies so when Hard Night Good Morning asked me to review a few of there products I couldn't resist.

Looking for a new makeup remover and/or cleanser? Well with the new PM Oil cleanser and makeup remover you can achieve both.

The consistency kind of reminds me of the MAC Cleanse off oil I used a long time ago. Simply rub it on your face and in your eyes. Yeah I know sounds scary but it didn't irritate my eyes at all and removed my Benefit They're real mascara and Tarte eyeliner easily. Also it doesn't leave your eyelids all oily either. I couldn't find the price of the full size but for the travel size 1.0 oz alone it will cost you $10 through MAC while with the Hard Night good morning PM Oil Clenser and makeup remover you get a 4 Fl oz for $25.99

Looking to clean deep down into the pores before bed? Well the next product I got to try was the Detox mineral masque.

The texture of this masque is very creamy but also kind of like clay as well as it dries it hardens and you can def feel it tightening on your face as it cleans deep down into the pores. It felt weird but good at the same time as it was drying.

Overall, its always nice to find new companies where you can find products that are cheaper than other products you use. I know that I would def get the PM oil cleanser as it works the same as the MAC one and is cheaper. The mask also lets you know your getting a nice deep pore cleaning as it dries. 

Price-Oil Cleanser $25.99

Where can you find products: http://hardnightgoodmorning.com/pages/locations

**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% opinion**

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