Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

It's going to start getting hot soon here in Texas and there's nothing I hate more than feeling sticky and nasty. MyChelle Dermacenticals recently released their new Pure Harmony Colletion consisting of natural ingredients for sensitive skin.I got the chance to review two products in their new collection.

The first product is the Pure Harmony Mist and the Serum.

The Pure Harmony Mist was something I wanted to try bc I think it would help refreshen my face after sweating all day. Containing several skin enhancing nutrients, the mist made my skin feel very refreshed. It didn't have a nasty smell or sweet smell it was a perfect light scent. It did make my face feel a little sticky right after but it wasn't uncomfortable sticky like I only felt it when I touched my cheeks.

The Pure Harmony Serum is supposed to reduce the puffiness and swelling of face to give you a nice fresh glow. My skin did not get irritated with this product and I didn't notice a difference bc I don't have puffiness or swelling yet. So I def can't definitively say whether it lives up to its description. The serum was lightweight, pretty moisturizing and was unscented. It also did make my face feel soft after.

Overall, I did enjoy the Pure Harmony mist except the light stickiness I felt after application and I enjoyed the mositurizing and lightweight feeling of the serum. I did notice that the serum is quite pricey for someone in college like myself but we still have time to now have to use serums quite yet.

Price-$42 for 1fl oz
$15 for 2.1oz



**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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