Monday, April 1, 2013

Pixi Beauty Products

It's springtime that means new collections from all your favorite makeup and nail companies! I just got some new stuff to review from Pixi Beauty Products. I think they know me well bc they sent one of my favorite products-eye liner but with a twist! I usually play it safe with black liner so I was really nervous when I got colored liners.

The two I got an Endless Silky Eye Pen and the Extra Eye Bright Liner

Sorry this is opposite way than all the other pictures but you can tel which is which. The extra eye bright liner is in a extrabright and the Endless silky eye pen is in copperglow

The Endless silky eye pen is waterproof, long-wear, and no smudge in brown.The extra eye bright liner is supposed to help brighten eyes and make your eye whites look whiter. I know my eyes are always red with these allergies so anything to help my eyes look whiter will do!

As you can see on the hand swatches the liner is a beautiful bronze color with a hint of shimmer in it and applies thick so becareful if your using it for top liner and you don't like thick lines. The bright liner allows more precision as it is more fine tipped than the regular liner. It almost has a white-pink too tint to it.

Although it is recommended to apply on the inner rim liner I thought it would be fun to see how white eye liner looked in general never tried it. The liner glides on easy.
I applied the eye brightener liner to the top and the endless silky eye pen to the bottom. Pretty surprised how the white liner looks. I thought it would not look good at all but it actually comes out okay. Who would of thought. The brown also brings out my eye color. Def opens my eyes up to try out brown liners here and there. Since spring in here I will def be trying out more looks like this. Gotta try new things right???

What do you think of these products?

Price- Endless Silky eye pen ($15-10 different shades)
Extra Eye Bright Liner ($17)

**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. Love it! I'm a huge fan of colored eyeliners. I've been drooling over all the new Urban Decay colors and trying to find the money in my budget for them. LOL!

    1. I def will be checkout out the other colors too know since I broke my bubble about only trying black eyeliner! Thanks for the comment



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