Friday, March 29, 2013

March Ipsy Bag

Evening all! Today I will be showing you what I got in the March Myglam bag.

The theme this month is Great Escapes which I am sure is saying see ya winter and hello spring and summer.

The bag we got reminds me of the beach and I love it! It is a navy blue and shite striped bag with anchors on it! I really like the design and it beats the solid colors we have been getting lately!

Ready to see what I got inside!!


Inside my bag this month..
1.  Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist-Def not a fan of the smell. I was expecting something light and refreshing but it is far from that. Does give you that refreshing feeling though but yeah would have liked a better scent
2. La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes They are nice and light. I heard people saying it burned there skin but I had no issues.
3. Yaby Eyeshadow Refill-When I tell you these are teeny tiny shadows they really small like smaller than a dime small.
 4. Glam RX Mini FreeStyle Palette Shadow Palette Sample-I mean a mirror is always nice but I don't see a point in this. Its kind of cheapy and yeah I dont know what I will do with it.
The Glam RX box

Wanted to show you how tiny the Yaby eyeshadow was

Overall, it has been a long time since I have been disappointed with the Myglam bag and yeah this stunk! I probably won't ever use the juice beauty product, the eyeshadows are too tiny, the glam RX box is too cheapy and the makeup remover wipes are probably the only thing I will use. What happened MyGlam??

Did you enjoy your bag this month?

MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half before I got in.  You can subscribe to them by visiting 


  1. I agree with you Marisa. I was looking SO forward to all the stuff we were getting. The hints really got me hyped up. I was so disappointed. I love nautical themed items. While I loved the print of the bag, it was cheaply made. REALLY makes me sad. The freestyle palette... what am I going to do with the little thing? The hints really magnified this palette. The eye shadows are a joke and my wipes feel a little on the dry side, not moist as I would expect them to feel. I didn't even bother with the refresher spray. Very disappointed in this months bag. I hope they make up for it next month. I didn't use ANY of the items. They went in a drawer to gift to others.

    1. Yeah hopefully this month will be better Colleen. We will see! Thanks for the comment!



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