Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flash Color Palette

Remember when I took part in the Make Up For Ever Bag remix event? Well I got a few Make Up For Ever products to try out! One of these products was something I heard a lot about, the Flash Color Palette!

Consisting of 12 different colors, these palette contains creamy extremely highly pigmented colors. I swatched each color for you! You can either get a flat makeup brush or apply colors directly with your fingertips.

The first 6 colors on the left hand side of the palette. Brown, light green and royal blue followed by black, tellow and pink

Instead of using my fingertips I used a flat brush to swatch colors. As you can see the colors are super pigmented.

Here is the black, yellow and pink colors! I usually don't like yellow but its nice!

On the right hand side is red, white, silver, light blue-green, peach and gold

The red is super rich and would make an amazing lip color, the white would make a nice base for all the colors. silver would make a nice color for the base

The light blue-green and peach color are amazing spring colors! The silver also would be nice around the eyelid.

So what can you do with this palette you ask?

Well you could apply colors directly to the eye to creat a look. But honestly it was hard to creat a uniform look so I don't recommend that

Instead use the colors as a base will allow each color to really pop. Here I used #75, yellow 2, #92 and #18 on top of the creamy colors in the Flash Palette. Def makes a difference huh?

So what other things can you do with this palette? Well you can create lip gloss looks and blush looks with it. To create my look I used the peach and gold color and mixed them!

Blend until you get the consistency you want! Then you can either use it as a blush or in this case a lip gloss.

I simply brushed the mixed peachy-gold glitter color on my lips to give me shimmer and color.

Then I took a clear lip gloss and tada! Homemade lip gloss! Pretty neat huh?

Overall, this palette is amazing! Not only can you make some sweet looks with it but you can use it for more than one thing! Can't wait to play around with it more to create even more cool looks with it!

Price- $99
Where to or Make Up For Ever boutiques

**disclaimer-These product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. So much WIN! SHimmer shimmer!!

  2. Haha shimmer shimmer for sure! Thanks for the comments ladies!



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