Monday, March 4, 2013

Thairapy365 Tri Curl Curling Iron

I have such an awesome product to review today. Something that def is better than an other brand of that product I have tried before I am so excited to show you guys?

You ready?? Let's get this started!!

Today's review is on the Tri Curl 3 in 1 clipless Curling iron from Thairapy365

Ever wanted a curling iron that you can create lots of different looks with? Well the 3 in 1 clipless curling iron is perfect for you!

Here is what the product looks like in its box. You get 3 different size barrels in this product

It is super easy to take out the barrel's theres a little tabon the back side that you slide and they come off super easy. The curling iron has a digital temperature control for all hair types. The max is 200 so you don't have to worry about burning your hair off! (Joke for the people who saw that vlogger video-trust me I tried all 3 barrels!)

Included is the 32mm, 25mm, and 19mm

Since the curling iron is clipless you have to hold the hair while its wrapped around the curling iron but don't worry this glove that will protect your hands from getting burned.

I used the 19mm barrel to do this first look. I wanted to show you how my hair is normally and how the product curled my hair. With the 19mm barrel you will get nice tight curls. My hair is layered a little in the front so thats why their are different lengths in hair! How amazing does the curls in that look like?? My hair is a little longer than my shoulders so you can see how much shorter it gets when I curl it with the 19mm barrel. No hair spray was added here to give you a better idea how your hair will look.

Now the 25mm will give you a mix between really tight and loose curls! This is perfect if you have shorter hair and want to try and not shorten your hair too much but want a curl too! Beautiful right! I was in love. I added a little hairspray to give it some more volume! Def makes it look more shiny and amazing!!

The last barrel is the 32 mm one. Perfect if you want that nice old hollywood look look. I could have left the curling iron longer but I tried this one first and was scared my hair would burn off at first but I quickly learned how great the temperature setting is on this curling iron!

Overall, I am in lovvvvveeeee with this curling iron! Not only can you achieve 3 completely different looks with it but you can rest assure that you will not burn your hair off bc the max temp is 200! I have lots of hair and its thick so it takes me atleast an hour to curl my hair! Nothing drives me more crazy than to finish curling my hair and see its all flat now! I can honestly saw that my hair stayed curled all night and into the next morning but of course it was just more loose curls! But if a curling iron can do that it is amazing! Even my bf commented how well and long it lasted! Well the price is a little high for the college students ($230) in the end you essentially get 3 different curling irons for the price of one. And to be honest if I could spend on anything it would be this one for sure!!

Want to see what other products Thairapy365 has to offer? Check out their site here or to see the 3 in 1 Clipless curling iron click Here

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**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**




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