Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Collection

I am so excited to do my very first Zoya review! How exciting to show you the all new PixieDust collection! These polishes leave nails with a matte, textured and most importantly sparkling look!

You simply apply this polish on with no base or top coat. I know what your thinking are you crazy? Trust me I thought the same thing!

There are 6 polishes total in this collection! Let's check them out now....

The first three polishes are the green-blue ones: Vespa, London and Nyx. All swatches were done as instructed with 3 coats to receive full coverage

Vespa is a light mint green color. Honestly they look even cooler in person! I usually only wear regular nail polish so this def opened my eyes to trying diff types of nail polish. This one was one of my favorite colors bc it looks so well with my skin tone!

London is a charcoal grey nail polish. Kind of reminds me a tire color.

Nyx is a blue color. Kind of reminds me of a darker cinderella color. Really sparkly and pretty

The last three polishes are Dahlia, Chyna, and Godiva

Dahlia is a black polish that kind of reminds me of the road color!

Chyna def reminds me of Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz ruby slippers or a pomegranate. Or even a ruby lol so many things! It just pops out the most out of all the color!

Godiva is nice beige color that is another one of my favorite colors! Looks really well with brown skin tone as well!

Overall, I was really impressed with both the matte and textured look these polishes gave! Even without a base or top coat they still look pretty good on! If I had to pick three of my favorite of this collection they would be Godiva, Chyna and Vespa for sure!! 

What are your favorite colors of the PixieDust Collection

**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% opinion**

Price $9 ea. or $54 for entire collection
Where to find-


  1. Thank you so much Little Miss Candor! Thanks for following the blog!!!

  2. AHH!!! These look so amazing. I have been seeing them, and usually I don't really like the textured polishes, but I am really liking the look of these. Def need to get some soon. :)



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