Monday, March 18, 2013

Urban Decay Great and Powerful Oz Glinda Palette

It took long enough but at last here is the Glinda Palette from the Great and Powerful Oz. I wasn't going to buy it at first because I didn't think the light colors would look good on me but when Ulta had their F&F sale I gave in.

Just like the Theodora palette the Glinda palette comes in this extremely durable tin case. The case looks so magical and like a princess that I can see why people like it.

The colors that come in here at light dark and most of all sparkly! From the top row L to R: Tornado, Aura and Magic. Bottom L to R: Illusion, Oz and South. Eye pencil in Purple.

Tornado is a plum purple color with a hint of shimmer in it. Good color for smokey eyes or in the crease.
Aura is the half/half shadow that has a light white that has an iredescent shimmer to it and a light pink with iradescent in it also. These colors can be used for the eyebrow area, base for the lid or at the tip of the inner eyelid
Magic is a soft rose pink color that would be a perfect base color or perfect for the inner lid.
Illusion is a light coral/natural color that would be a perfect base lid color or for the eyebrow area
Oz has two crazy metallic colors in it. The first is a copper color and the other is a crazy silver metallic color
South is a smokey green/brown metallic color.

The eyeliner included in this palette is a purple one

It's pretty dark and has a metallic finish to it
The Super-saturated color that came in this palette is Glinda a pigmented natural beige color

Perfect color to wear to work. Only adds a hint of color to your lips

Here is one of the looks I created using the Glinda palette. I used illusion for the base, Aura on the inner lid, hint of Magic at the outer eye and Tornado on the crease 

Another look I created which turned out amazing I used the silver part of Oz on the entire base and the gold in the inner lid and did the crease with south. I am in love with this look!

Overall I was very impressed with the palette. Thought the light colors wouldn't look good with my skin tone but I created some really nice looks with it!

Did you get the Glinda or Theodora palette?

Which do you like better??

Want to purchase this palette? Click on any of the links below or you can get it at most Ulta and Sephora stores.
Urban Decay Here
Ulta Here
Sephora Here

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**


  1. I gave in and got both. They were my first Urban Decay products but I just love the wizard of oz so much! They are so creamy and buttery.

  2. I have been telling myself I don't need another eye shadow palette but after seeing looks created like these Its really hard not to give in. The second look is stunning:) xx

  3. This palette looks fantastic!

  4. Theese eye shadows look awesome! I love them!



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