Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Milani ColorStatement Plums & Berries Lipsticks

Hi all! I wasn't able to post yesterdays post so I will do two today. Today's post is Part 3 of my Milani series of all the ColorStatement lipstick colors but this time we are reviewing Plums & Berries!

I have to admit I have never worn purple colors before partly bc I didn't think they would look good on me but its always good to try out things you never try bc you never know if you will like them!

Let's get started!

Of course all the polishes were in another cute lipstick bag! I love how the bag color represents the color we get! There are 7 colors in the Plum & Berries. 

The first four colors are Black Cherry (BC), Sangria (S), Violet Volt (VV), and Chilled Brandy (CB)

Lipstick shots of above colors BC, S, VV and CB. As you can see there pretty true to the bottle color top. 

Arm Swatches of BC, S, VV, and CB

Black cherry is a cream lipstick and kind of scared me at first bc it looked too dark but it actually doesn't come off that dark and kind of remind me of a dark wine color. 

Sangria is a nice purple-redish matte color. Its not too dramatic so you could even pull it off at work =)

Violet Volt is a fuschia metallic color with a hint of iridescent color in it. I think it will look good on a light skinned tone or dark skinned person

Chilled Brandy is a darker red-maroon  shimmer color. I like that it adds just a hint of color in it but is not too overwhelming.

Now to the lighter purple & Berries shades. Here is Uptown Mauve (UM), Raspberry Rush (RR) and Plumrose (P). These three were my favorite colors of the bunch!!

Bottle Shots of UM, RR, P

Arm Switches of all three cancer UM, RR, P

Uptown Mauve is a nice purple-pink cream color. I love this color! I think it will look good on everyone.

Raspberry Rush is a rosey pink metallic color 

Plumrose is a light soft pink cream color. It is also another favorite of mine and one I could wear at work with no issues.

Overall, I am very surprised with how many plum & berries colors I liked. Def makes me more open to try things I have never tried bc you never know what you will like! As always there has to be at least one color that can please everyone and that is what I appreciate about Milani Cosmetics

 Want to check out any of the colors in this review or other colors in the collection? Check out Milani's COLORstatement Lipsticks Here or LinersHere 

Lipsticks available at any drug store: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Kmart
Price $5.99

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  1. I like a lot of these, thanks for the review!

  2. Black cherry does look awesome and no problem TikiBarbie! Thanks for the comments!



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