Monday, March 25, 2013

Hard Candy New Polish Collections

I am sure everyone has seen the Hard Candy Polishes at your local Walmart! But have you been wondering how some of them look on? Well guess what today is your lucky day! I got some polishes from each collection to swatch! Got polishes to review form Hard Candy from the Crushed Chrome, Itsy Glitzy, Crystal Confetti, Glitteratzi, and Candy Sprinkles Collection!

The four polishes I got are from the Crushed Chrome and Itsy Glitzy Collection is #633 Little Hottie, 624 Pinch of Spice, #628 Crushed on Raisin and #622 Crush on Pink

From the Itzy Glitzy Collection, Lottie Hottie is a strawberry red color. It is shimmery and a perfect summer color! 

Pinch of Spice is a shimmery tangerine orange color. I am by all means not a orange color kind of girl but this color looks pretty good on brown skin tone

From the Crushed chrome collection, Crush on Raisin is a metallic purple color. Kind of reminds of aluminum foil but with color. Really like these!

Crush on pink is another metallic pink polish. Yeah I def am a fan of the Crushed chrome collection! They look nice!

The Sprinkles collection features colors with circle glitter in it. today I have #664 Gummy Green and #660 Cocoa Smore

Cocoa Smore reminds me of cookies and creme it is a beige color with black and white colored glitter in it

Gummy green is a light mint green color with black and white glitter in it. I really like the color on my skin tone. 

From the Crystal Confetti and Glitteratzi collection we have #670 Glamour girl, #652 Jubilee, #653 Hip Hop Hooray and #667 So So sequin 

Glamour girl is a light pink metallic and glitter color. I had to put 3 coats to get complete coverage but its a really cute color.

Jubilee is a green color with silver big hex glitter, small black hex glitter and red bar glitter. Kind of reminds me of a jungle color like Tarzan lol. You def need 3 coats for this one as well

Hip Hop Hooray is a light purple color with blue and silver hex glitter in it. I didn't get complete coverage with even three coats of this polish.

So So sequin is the last polish I have for you today and its a light pink with holographic glitter and blue glitter in it. For this one I felt like the holographic was the star of the show and it was really hard to see the blue glitter in this. 

Overall, if I had to choose my favorite two collections hands down I would pick the Candy sprinkles and crushed chrome collection! I loved how they came out and the different colors they had! But there is so many more colors that are available in all of these collections so someone can def find some colors perfect for them! Best of all they are only 3.97 each!!

Where to find: Any walmart or

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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