Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown Thursday-Face

Hey all! I know I missed out on last weeks Beauty Product showdown! I think I will have it every other week as its really hard to compare two products in a week.

This weeks Beauty Product Showdown theme is Face in and particular BB Cream!

Been trying to find a good BB cream? Well today I compare two popular Drug store brands!

So let's get started

This weeks showdown features BB cream by Maybelline ($6-7)

And Loreal BB Cream ($10.95)
Serving as an 8:1 skin protector the BB Cream by Maybelline aims to blur inperfections, brighten and evens skin tone, hydrates, enhances, smoothes, has SPF 30 protection and has 0% oils and heavy ingredients. The color I got here is medium sheer. It is extremely light, does not oily my face and most importantly does not break me out! I apply it before foundation and love the coverage it gives.

Note the moisturizing effect it has on my skin. It blends very well but I wanted to show you how it looks on my skin tone so I did not completely blend it well in this photo.

The Loreal BB Cream on the other hand has only 4 tasks to hydrate, prime, perfect and correct. As you can see here it is a white color with little beads in it that will tranform to meet your shade. This is the Light shade.

When blended in you can see its def moisturizes less than Maybelline. And I used this quite a few times and felt like after I applied my foundation my face looked more cakey than usual. I thought maybe I put too much concealer over the BB cream to cover up my pores on my nose but I seen I got this look everytime.

Overall, if I had to chose a winner hands down it would be Maybelline BB Cream. Love how light it is on the face, how it moisturizes my skin, and most importantly I don't break out when I use it! Oh and offers more benefits for the skin (8) as opposed to the Loreal BB Cream (4). Plus its a lot cheaper than Loreal! Before I tried these products I had heard that Maybelline was everyone's favorite and now I see why!

The winner of the Beauty Product Showdown is....

Maybelline BB Cream!!

**disclaimer-I purchased these products**

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  1. I have the Maybelline and I didn't like it. I didn't see any difference to my face--it didn't look like I was wearing anything at all. I have an Asian BB cream and with that one, I get great coverage, so if I needed to use more of the Maybelline to get better coverage, I'd have been using way more product than the little bit I needed with the Asian BB cream (Skin79--using less than is shown on your hand in the pictures). Have you tried any of the Asian BB creams?



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