Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown-Makeup Remover

Since I was out of town last Thursday I wasn't able to do a Beauty Product Showdown piece. But I am back and today I decided to do a theme I haven't done before, Makeup Remover. I used to use Macs Makeup removing wipes but geez there expensive on a college student budget so I decided to see which drug store make-up is better at removing my eye makeup in particular-I usually wear mascara and bottom eyeliner.

So let's see who is battling in this weeks Beauty Product Showdown!

We have Clean & Clear Facial Cleansing Wipes (~$7.99)

vs. Almay's Oil-free makeup remover pads. (15 ct-$1.14)
The Clean & Clear wipes are pretty big! Like the size of a baby wipe.
I swiped the wipe across my eye twice in two areas to see how it removed my eye makeup plus over my upper lip. As you can see it took off a lot of my makeup. The wipe has a nice light smell to it and doesn't leave your eyelid oily or sticky at all. Honestly I use half the wipe on my eye and the other half removes all my face makeup.
The almay pad is really small. Like you have to use one side for one eye and the other for the other eye

Just like the Clean & Clear wipe I did two swipes on one eye and removed my lipstick on my bottom lip. Although this is oil-free I did notice my eyelids were really sticky and shiny after I used this pad. It also has a nice light smell to it though.

Here are my eyes after two swipes of each wipe. The left side was used with the Almay wipe. As you can see there is still mascara on my upper lid and it smeared some of the liner to my lower eyelid. On the otherhand, the Clean & Clear wipe took alot more of the mascara off and my bottom eye lid looks better than the one I used with Almay.

Overall. if it came down to it and Almay vs Clean & Clear went into the ring for a beauty product showdown Clean & Clear would win hands down! Not only did they remove makeup better but they didn't leave my eyelids sticky and weird after! For all you college students I suggest to just stock up when the drug stores have the B1g1 50% off sale to score good deals on them! Till then I am def sticking with Clean & Clear

Where to find- Any drug stores-CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target


  1. I may have to try those Clean and Clear wipes. I'm actually currently using the Wal-Mart brand make-up removal wipes because they were a tad cheaper and I was afraid to pay more for the Clean and Clear ones lol. However, I was about to go buy some of the Almay wipes for removing my eye-makeup (b/c sometimes I just wear the eye-makeup and don't bother with foundation and why waste a full size wipe just to take that off) b/c I saw another beauty blogger recommending them but now I'll shy away from them for the moment :)

  2. To be honest sometimes I use half the wipe on my eyes and put it in a ziplock and use the other side the next day. Probably not the best thing but I've been doing for a while without a problem. I tried the target brand ones one time and geez they were rough on my eyes and really sucked

  3. You should definitely try Neutrogena's Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. It's AMAZING! It's around $7 but it lasts forever! I always use waterproof mascaras and it's the one thing I've found that consistently removes it and doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue. I'm not sure what you could compare it to in one of these showdowns, though. Maybe Physician's Formula's lotion remover? I used to use that until it got to be hard to find in my area for some reason.

  4. Ohh thanks Aubrey I will def have to check it out!

  5. love this! I would never have guessed clean and clear!



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