Friday, March 15, 2013

eDiva Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Makeup hoarder like I am? Need to organize your products a little more better! I was so excited to get to review one for you guys so check out the Duchess acrylic Makeup Organizer by eDiva

Consistenty of 5 drawers the Duchess will give you around 1,200 cubic inch of space in each drawer to fit all your beauty products inside! Best of all its clear so you can see whats in each drawer all around! The exact dimension of this organizer is 10" wide by 12" height
Another nice thing about the Duchess Organizer is its very sturdy

Want to see how I organized my Duchess Makeup Organizer?

I wanted to show you how you could store a variety of beauty products from nails, face, eyes, and lips!

To give you a better idea I will go through each drawer to give you ideas on how you could best utilize your space!

I know a big question people were asking me is can I store my nail polish in it? For the duchess you can but unfortunately you have to do them flat as they are not deep enough to store standing up. But I might add that the other organizer offered by eDiva, the Princess includes a 4" deep bottom drawer for nail polish. Here I placed some Hard Candy, theBalm, Illamasqua and CND polishes! Not bad at all but if you want them standing up I suggest the other one and you could probably fit way more in that drawer than having them lying down like mine.

Included with your order is free bonus X dividers to seperate products within each drawer.

This came in handy with some of my face products where I seperated concealers and different types of foundation by either brand or types. Now if you want to utilize the whole drawer you can certainly just put them all together but I liked the idea of seperating them!

Have a bunch of palettes? No problem I was able to stack 2-3 palettes depending on the height of each. I put two Urban Decay palettes which are a little more bulkier on one side while I was able to stack 2 theBalm palettes and the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette. Finally at the back I put both of my Naked Basics and Flushed palette and could have def stacked another one on top!

What about blushes? As I have blushes of different brands and shapes I utilized the X dividers as well. You can easily fit stick blushes like Benefits Fine One-One as well as circle blushes like Tarte's Amazonian Clay and Urban Decay or NYC ones.

Are you a lippy fanatic like me? I actually never was one until Jess at Love for Lacquer kept teasing me with lippies that I had to give them a try and now I am def a lippy hoarder! What is nice is that you can stack lipsticks lying down and still have room to put another one on top. You can def fit alot of lippies in a single drawer!

**disclaimer-this product was provided to review for my 100% honest opinon**

Overall, I love my Duchess Makeup Organizer from eDiva. It makes my makeup look nice and saves me time when I am on the hunt for that one blush and/or lippy. As a student, I know that it is quite expensive for this organizer ($198) but if you can afford it go for it! eDiva also has pay plans of 3 montly payments of $66 and you get free shipping on all purchases!

**You Had Me At Makeup Follower- eDiva was kind enough to donate a Duchess Organzier in Celebration of my 1-year Blogiversary so look for the Giveaway link this coming Monday!

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  1. Amazing storage. I love clear storage for make-up:) xx

  2. wow that would help with spring cleaning and organizing

  3. I love this organizer! And mostly for it`s transperancy that you can find everything whithout cheking every box.



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