Friday, March 8, 2013

HBL Shampoo, Conditioner and Shine and Seal Serum

Hi all! Looking for a new shampoo and conditioner? I got a new brand I have been using for 2.5 weeks by HBL haircare. I like to say I have relatively healthy and shiny hair so I can tell right away if something is bad for my hair. I def like to use them for a while so I can give you a more accurate picture of how the product works on my hair. I refuse to try a hair product for a day or two and then say its great bc I want to report the most accurate thoughts on each product.

 So let's get started!

Two of the products I have been trying is the HBL Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

These products are supposed to smooth, moisten, and protect your hair. Both have a nice light floral scent to it. The first thing I noticed with continued use of this product is how soft my hair felt after I rinsed out the conditioner especially when brushing it out. Some hair brands can really tangle my hair but this product def reduced the tangles I can get from having lots of hair and the fact that its thick. And as you can see from the previous Curling iron post I def think my hair is looking shinier these days. Pretty impressed.

The next item I tried was the HBL Shine & Seal serum

This product protects, shines and seals strands with a high-gloss finish and helps eliminates frizz. You only need a little amount of this product as its inflused with Argan oil too much will make the hair look oily. It has a nice light smell to it but I def noticed a difference in the frizziness in my hair when I started using the product and that was confimed when I went out a town and couldn't take this product with my. I don't want to say my frizzies were completely gone but they def were decreased with continued use of this product. The good thing is since you only need a small amount it can last for a long time.

Overall, after more than two weeks use I think these products lived up to its description of making hair shiny and smooth while reducing my frizziness. I know there more on the expensive side especially for college students I would pick the shine and seal serum if I could bc it really helped my hair look more tame and it probably would last longer. But of course if I could afford all I would get them all!

Price-$20.95 (shampoo)
$32.95 (conditioner)
$30.95 for 100ml (Shine and Seal)
Where to find: Search for nearest salon that carries this brand here

**disclaimer-This product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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