Monday, September 17, 2012

Bioken Enfanti Dandruff Products

Although I am a beauty blogger I have far from perfect hair and skin. And today I share my most biggest beauty problem...dandruff. There I said it! The other day in class I some girl talking about some one they were sitting behind on the bus and how nasty there hair was bc it was had dandruff. I was sad to hear it bc I too suffer from dandruff and its not like I don't try billions of remedies to get ride of it: drug store shampoos, lemon, and vinegar. I have tried it all! I got the opporunity to tried some Natural Remedies from Bioken Enfanti specifically for dandruff which I was def excited to try!

The two products I got to try was the Scalp Pore Cleanser and the Dandruff toner. Cleanser and toner? I know sounds like facial products, a little unsure I def wanted to atleast give it a try.

The pore cleanser is a emulsion that provides your scalp with the exfoliation necessary to remove oils and dirts. It helps by purifying and stimulating the scakp with natural ingredients such as ginses, horseradish, and saponaria extracts to help detoxify hair and scalp to relieve dry itchy skin. I applied this product before showering by applying it to my scalp in messaging it into my hair and letting it sit in for a few minutes before washing it out.

The second product I tried was the Dandruff Toner. Containing tea tree and neem oils this product controls dandruff and offers soothing to your dry, itchy scalp. It also helps control the reoccurance of flaking. Containing antimicrobials, the toner will help prevent excessitive flaking while helping improve the epidermal health of your scalp.

I have been trying this product for a month and half to get a good idea of the effects of these products on my scalp. I def have seen a BIG difference in my dandruff. Before I would literally have big pieces of skin from my scalp come off (sorry to be so graphic) and now it is just tiny little pieces. My scalp is also not as itchy as it use to be. HUGE difference! I wish I knew which product helped me the best as they are a little bit on the pricey side. I want to say the toner. But I am not sure. But because of their results I prob will just get them both again! Def would recommend this to people who suffer for dandruff that shampoos like Head and Shoulders don't work for. I was a little hesitant on these products but I am def a beliver now! IT works!

Pore Cleanser-$21
Dandruff Toner-$36.00

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*Disclaimer- These products were provided to me by the PR company for my 100% honest opinion!*

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