Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite Summer Perfumes

Another favorite obsession of mine is perfume! So when I got the opporunity to review two summer fragrances I jumped on the bandwagon quickly! I love collection amazing one's that are not too fruity or ones that smell like alcohol. Just right is pretty much what I like. I got two perfume's here today to tell you about.

The first is the summer edition of Beyonce's Pulse perfume. Another thing I love about perfume's is the bottles they come in. I love how differently each are on color and shape of the bottle. Pulse has a light refreshing flower smell made from her favorite flower the Orchid, It also has fresh pear blossum and jasmine interfused in it. I think is the perfect blends to give an amazing light refreshing smell.

The second perfume I got to try out was Lisa Hoffman's Tunisian Neroli. Combining a bunch of rich floral scents such as Golden amber, neroli blossoms with lemon and Bunchu Leaf this perfume creates a nice floral scent. This perfume is also light and not overwhelming like other perfume's I smell before and lasts all day long.

Overall, both of these fragrances smell amazing and bring out two different flowers scent to it. They are not too fruity or don't smell like alcohol. They bring the light fresh scent to your skin that lasts all day long. They both are def going to my favorite perfume collections!

Where to find:
Beyonce Pulse
- Ulta, Anywhere that sells Fragrance.

Lisa Hoffman

What's your favorite perfume? I would love to find more kinds to try!
*Disclaimer* These perfumes were sent by the companies PR grp for my 100% honest opinion.

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