Thursday, September 6, 2012

Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation

I never use to use foundation before I started blogging. I don't have acne besides my occasional pre-menstrual ones but since I moved to Texas I have noticed a dramatic increase in the production of oil in my face. And since I don't want to walk around with a ridicudlously shiny face I have been excited to try out a bunch of different types and kinds of face products. Recently, I got the chance to review a foundation product made by Covergirl and Olay. 

The Tone Rehab, is a 2 in one foundation base that will hydrate your skin while covering up your inmpurities and wrinkles. To get your desired look simply apply the foundation base followed by any pressed powder to get a days coverage.

There are 14 different shades in this collection and the two I got review were Nude Beige and Creamy beige.

They have a nice light consistency, and it had a nice light scent to them which I don't think I have ever smelled before in a foundation. It was nice!

Unfortunately these colors were way to light for me so I couldn't use them for everyday use as my face looked really light compared to my body. I did try it on a weekend found that it did not increase oil production, didn't break out and it had pretty good coverage. It is very light on your face and doesn't give you that cakey feeling of having heaving foundation on. I would def use them again but this time would get a little bit of a darker color for myself.

Want to learn more about The Tone Rehab Collection or any other makeup product from Covergirl? Click here to check out their website

Where to find: Now available at any drug store (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgeens)
**Disclaimer- This product was provided me by the PR of Covergirl for my 100% honest opinion

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