Monday, April 23, 2012

Medusa's Makeup

Personally, I love bright makeup and was so excited to review an eyeshadow from Medusa's Makeup. They have really amazingly pigmented, dramatic cosmetics that are perfect for the spring. 

I wanted to show you how cutely packaged my products came in. (Also got a mascara and free lip gloss sample) 

The eyshadow I got was Electric Purple.

It looks like a light purple/plum, shimmery eyeshadow

On the left is a wet swatch and the right is a dry swatch w/out a primer.

Don't you just love the shimmery effect of this shadow? It looks so cool! I love that the eyeshadow doesn't fall to my lower lid when applying, it is creamy and comes out very pigmented and last all day long when used with a primer. Overall, this eyeshadow is so pretty and they have so many other bright shadows, glitters dusts, and eye dust. If you want bright, colorful makeup. Medusa's makeup is your place!

I got this mascara upon checkout for just $2.00

I didn't notice until I started applying but it is a green mascara called Envy. I was so scared to put it on since I don't ever wear color mascara but it only looks bright in the sun and looks black in room light. Look at the amazing length it gave me. 

It also gave me great volume and no clumps in my lashes. 

I got this free sample lip gloss.

I am not really into the color but the consistency is good. 

Overall, I love the high pigmentation and longevity of the eyeshadows and can't wait to do diff designs on my eyes with other eyshadow colors! 

Price: $8.00 (eyeshadow), $7.00 (mascara), $8.00 (lip gloss)
Where to find:

Disclosure: This product was provided by Medusa's Makeup for review however I strive to give my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. Love the purple eye shadow! I haven't seen green mascara in a long time. You can't tell it's green though from the picture, but it's fun that its green when the light hits it. I like the lip gloss, it's a color I'd wear.



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