Monday, April 9, 2012

Julep Swatches

I have gotten two Julep Mystery Boxes (Valentines and St. Patrick Days) and have yet to swatch them so finally here you go!

Left to Right: Helena, Anne, Hayden, Reese and Sofia

Helena is a deep fuschia color. My finger has been hurting me today so I didn't put any top coat today. Apologies but you can get an idea of what they look like.This color is so pretty and a top coat would make it look even more gorgeous.

Next is Sofia which is actually a glow in the dark polish. I believe it is best to add on top of a green color as it is just a sparkle as you can see. On the ring finger is Reese a baby soft pink that is absolutely cute. My fav color is pink and I particularly love the softer color. The next color is Hayden is neon peachy color. It looks really good on brown skin! And its so springy too! Final color is Anne, a Barney kind of purple. It doesn't look great here but I know it would look beautiful with a top coat. 

Apologies again for not putting a top coat but my finger has been throbbing today as I had a mini surgery 2 days ago. 

These colors are so cute, cant wait to get My Easter Mystery box promise I will swatch them sooner!
Price: $14
Where to find:


  1. I love those colors for spring! So beautiful. I know you were probably just swatching these, but I love the trend that they have where they have two colors on both hands miss matched. I think it's cute! I followed you :)

  2. I did it just to swatch but I have to admit I do like the mismatched color theme too. I'm going to have to paint my like this sometime!



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