Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Blob Nail Design

Want this Spring Blob design. It is actually extremely simple to do. 

All you need for this simple nail design is a dotting tool/toothpick and nail polish

Using the large dotting tool, drop a large circular blob like the one above. Make sure that your blob is rather thick as you will create the outward lines with the polish in this blob. You can add a second blob to make sure it's thick enough

Using your smaller dotting tool or toothpick, stick the tool into the circle and slowly drag out a line. 

Do this to a couple of times starting at the base of the circle and drag each away from the circle. It doesn't have to be a start shape this is only an example. You can also pull out as many lines as you would like.

To add more to the design you can add tiny dots surrounding your blob that you created. Since these are pretty thick make sure you give the polish sufficient time to dry completely. I waited about 15 min before I put a top coat on. 

This tutorial is just to show you how to do the one I created on my nails. You certainly can create your own shape/design I just wanted to provide a simple guideline for how to start. If you do create this I would love to see pictures!! 

Another thing to note is I found it easier to do one color at a time. For example if you do the purple blob on your thumb do the purple blog on all your nails before starting the next color. Trust me you will save time from wiping down your dotting tool and doing the next color on each nail. 

1 comment:

  1. This is a super cute mani! Great tutorial :]

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my page :]
    <3 Lacey



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