Monday, April 16, 2012

Cult Nail Polish Swatches

Finally got my very first Cult Nail Polishes. I bought 3 and my bf got me 3 by surprise for our 5-year anniversary. My hand is still healing so I can't do too much so sorry for the ugly mess I didn't clean on the sides of my fingers.

 Finally got to see the Polish burrito's! Cute!

Here are the all the polishes. L to R: Quence, Devious Nature, In a Trance, Awakening, Viscous, and Mind Control

Here is Devious Nature 

It is a pretty rosy pink color. First off I am really picky about the brushes on my polishes but Cult Nail's polishes are amazing. I don't have to keep dipping the brush in the polish to get enough polish its just great.

 The next polish is In a Trance

In a Trance is a olive green color with a gold shimmer to it. So pretty. 

The next polish is Awakening. 

This teal blue color is so pretty.  

Vicous is the next polish.

This is a deep plum color. 

Mind control is the next color. 

This deep black/plum color has an amazing purple shimmer to it. This def was my fav polish of the bunch.

Here is the final polish I bought. As you can see there is no swatch to this because this is going to be a giveaway prize when we reach 800 likes. I am so close having 782 so far so close to one lucky winner walking away with this!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Cult Nail Polish. They come on easy, dry fast, and the brush for the polish is great!

Price: $10
Where to find:



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