Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Apply False EyeLashes

Have you ever wanted to put on false lashes but don't know how to do it. Here is my quick tutorial with plenty of pictures to teach you how. 

I just grabbed some lashes I had (started a collection). These are called Gold Digger. Oh yeah!

Any how here is what they look like. Cute right!

Here is how you tell which lash is for which eye. If you notice to the left end of the lashes are shorter than the right. The shorter ends go toward the inner eyelid. That means that this will go on my right eyelid when I look in the mirror. Left to you if your looking at me. 

First thing to go is remove the excess glue off the lashes. See it at the bottom of the lashes?

I then like to bend my eyelashes to get it to more of a natural eye shape. I literally just move it back and forth like this. 

Make sure you have your make on before you put your lashes on. Its so much easier.

Put your eyelash glue entirely across the attachment area. As you can see it come on really light on the left side so I would put a little more there. Don't worry if its a little thick like the right side the glue fades as it dries on your eyes. Let the glue sit for 30 sec then get ready to attach it to your eyelid.

This came with one my my lashes I got and you can use this to apply eyelashes or just use your fingers.

Place the eyelash as close as you can to your eyelashes. 

Press on each part of the eyelash to ensure proper adhesion and hold it down on your like 15 secs.

This is how it should look if you put it properly. If not, don't worry take it off, remove the glue and start all over.

And that's how you put on false eyelashes. Practice makes perfect so don't worry if you can't do it easily the first time. 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.


  1. I need one of those little things you hold the lashes with. I tried putting on lashes one time in my life and it was a huge fail. Of course the myglam bag this month has eyelashes in it so I'm going to try again with this post to guide me :) haha.. hopefully it will turn out okay!

  2. I prefer just applying it myself. I have more trouble trying to use that little thing lol. I just wanted to show another way you can use it.



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