Friday, April 27, 2012

Zoya Swatches

Got some more Zoya's from the Earth Day Promotion. I apologize in advance bc two of my shots with the bottles got erased on accident so instead I just put a hand shot. 

Here are the colors: Jem, Astra, Kylie2, Mitzi, Yara, Jana and Phoebe

 Jem is a dark purple metallic polish with a pink shimmer to it. Love Zoya bc you only need two coats to achieve this look and it is shiny without a top coat.

Astra is a translucent polish with both dark and light pink glitter in it. This would look so cool over black polish. Sorry I just love black and pink together. Also two . were enough to cover the nails completely. And the photo doesn't do justice it is absolutely beautiful! Plus I am not a big glitter fan but I can def make an exception.

Kylie2 is a creamy pink/coralish color. Only two coats needed and it is so shiny on its own. This color would look good on any skin tone and is perfect for the summer. 

Mitzi is a green apple/yellow green matte color. I am not a big matte fan but I really loved the color. For this one I added 3 coats and finished off with a top coat. You def need a top coat to make it shiny. Love the color though it is so bright and so pretty.

Phoebe is another matte color. It is a light shimmery blue color. Requiring 3 coats a top coat makes this color look so pretty. Reminds me of a slushy color you get at 7-11.  

Yara is a shimmery olive color with hints of gold. Makes me think of St. Patrick's day looking for that pot of gold. It looks great on brown skin as well!

The last color I got was Jana. A beige/grey mix. I wasn't really fond of this color as it didn't do anything great for me. But only 1 out of 7 polishes is fine. 

Overall, I am super pleased with my purchase and loved a majority of the colors here. Woo Hoo!!

Price: $8
Where to find:, ulta


  1. Love all the colors and they look great on. Thanks for swatching.

  2. Gorgeous colours! Astra is stunning!

  3. I have Phoebe :) This polish and is georgous!



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