Friday, April 20, 2012

April 2012 Birchbox

Here is April's Birchbox aimed to them on Earth day as it contains samples with natural ingredients. Check out what was included: 
  • Atelier Cologne: Orange Cologne- I am a big Perfume person now and I like something that has a hint of fruit smell but honestly this perfume smells like I got an orange and squeezed it on my arm. I def was not a fan of this cologne.
  • Befine: Skincare Sampler- This sample included a facial cleanser and moisturizer. The facial cleanser was mint which I already didn't like as I prefer sweeter smells. Secondly it was so watery I turned it over to squeeze some in my hands and it came rushing down in the tub. I lost most of it there. It was light but a little too light and my face didn't feel soft after I washed it off like I get with other cleansers. The moisturizer on the other hand felt light, had a light smell and looked fine over my foundation.

  • Oile Biologique: Hile Moderne- I honestly don't really use oil but it was made my skin more moisturized and soft.

  • Revolution Organics: Freedom Glow Beauty Balm- This could be applied to your checks, eyelid or lips. I prefer to use it as blush.

Here is how it looks like when you wipe I wiped it on. 

But what I love about this is you can blend it in to adjust to your skin tone that way you don't have it too bright and look like a clown. 

  • La Palais des Thes: Tea Bags- The last thing that came in my birchbox was tea bags. Honestly what the heck does beauty have to do with Tea? I would have def liked to see another sample instead of 2 lousy bags of tea.

All in all, I was extremely disappointed with my April Birchbox. I honestly will only use the balm. But, next month should be an awesome box as it is going to be a Gossip Girl theme. And even if you just sign up you can still sign up for this themed box next month. Want to receive 4-5 beauty samples a month for only $10/month. 


  1. I got the SAME box. I was upset lol like you, the stick is probably the only thing I'll use. I forced myself to drink the tea the other night because I paid for it and felt like being fancy haha

    1. Some lucky's got a mini Zoya but I guess we weren't that lol! When I first saw the tea I was like really? Hopefully the gossip girl theme will be better! Was your Befine products expired? Mine was!



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