Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Fluorescent Lights Collection

Summer is coming and that means Neon is in! Sinful Colors has released a Fluorescent Lights Line. 

In this collection is: Pink, Fusion Neon, Summer Peach, Neon Melon, Irish Green and Dream on

The first color is pink. This is with 3 coats of polish plus a top coat. Love how bright this color is. 

The next color is Fusion Neon a creamy light pink. Kind of reminds me of a light strawberry color. It is so pretty.

The third color is Fusion Peach. Doesn't it look like I just grabbed my orange highlighter and colored it on my nails? I hate orange but I def don't hate this orange!

The fourth color is Neon Melon. Another highlighter color. Love that it looks good on even brown skin. It also is so bright you wouldn't miss me from across the street lol. 

The fifth color is Irish Green. Kind of reminds me of a green candy apple. I am looking for the carmel and nuts lol! Again, this color even looks well on brown skin tone.

The final color I got was Dream on. Honestly my camera doesn't do justice for this color it is more darker than this. It's not really neon either so I don't know why it went with this collection but it did. 

Overall, I am so excited summer is near and can't wait to sport this neon colors with all my outfits!

Price: $1.99
Where to find: any department store Walgreens, Target etc. 

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