Monday, December 10, 2012

Pixi Trio

Check out some recently released products from Pxix Beauty.  Known as the Pixi Trio, this set comes with three amazing products to give you perfect eyes and brows!

First off in the collection is the Large Lash Mascara

In bold black, this mascara can give you the amazing lengthening you so desperately want to achieve. Made from bamboo super ingredients and vitamins, this mascara will nourish and help lashes grow while giving your lashes an amazing look.

The applicator for the mascara is also perfect at giving even distribution of mascara (when applied correctly using the wiggle wand method starting at the root moving outward) with no clumps, long lashes and the perfect volume. It's also water resistant and smudge-proof and will stay on well for the entire day.

I have been on the hunt for a good liquid eye liner pen for a while. Most don't off evenly, fade in like 10 minutes and just give crappy results. So I have to admit I was extremely skeptical when I seen this liner.

Yes the tip is nice but how does it come off.

I just did one quick stroke on my arm. I was in awe with how smooth and easy it applied. You see uniform distrubution of the liner, no spots. Best of all its water prrof and dries really quick. I was able to apply it on in the morning and come home with a flawless look. I can't believe after trying over 5 different liquid pen liners I have finally found an amazing one!! woo hoo!

The last item in the Pixi Trio is the Natural Brow duo. Offering a brow pencil on one side and a gel to tame brow hair on the other this tool will help you achieve nice brows that don't have flyaways. Trust me I have had that happen especially when I get out of the shower.

There didn't seem to be a color name on it but it def was a brown color. I don't know if it comes in more colors or just this one. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the pencil bc I have extremely black hair and it probably wouldn't have shown well.

It doesn't come off too dark and it wasn't as easy to apply as I would have thought. I would prefer it to be more easily to apply.

I did try the gel to tame those little flyaways I get from putting a towel on my head. It looks brown but I didn't see a color to it and it def did it's job. Kind of excited to start using this product. Def never used it before.


Here is how the final look came out. I apologize as I did a really crappy job at my liner today but I was in a hurry. Notice my nice long lashes and the dark liner that lasted all day long. Since I am use to applying liner by an angle brush I def need to work on drawing with a pen more. The liner was def my favorite as I have had no luck in finding a good one until now... Cam't wait to create more looks with this and as this was my first time trying Pixi Beauty products I can't wait to see what other stuff they have. Def was impressed with all of them!

Want to learn more about any of these products discussed or see other collections?

Check out their Website or FB Page

Plus, if you order between now and Wednesday save an additonal 25% for their F&F Sale.

What are your favorite products from Pixi Beauty??

**Disclaimer- these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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  1. I keep passing by these products at Winners. Great price but wanted to see a review first..Thanks lovely:)

    Sara xx



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