Monday, December 17, 2012

Styli Style Face Products

I am back for part 2 of reviews of the newly relaunched Cosmetic Company, Styli Style. Today's theme is face products.

Something that is def starting to become popular in the cosmetics world is bronzer and blush papers that allow you to apply face product on your cheeks while also blotting away excess oil. Styli-Style has two types of blotting papers in their collection a Bronze & Blush. $3.99

To the left is the pink blush or Smitten while on the right is the bronzer or Radiant. I like the box as you slide this area out but wish that there was either a thin divider between each sheet or maybe that you picked it up upside down as I always got blush/bronzer when picking up a paper. 

Sorry that they are the wrong way and the pink blotting is on the right instead of the left but I did a quick swatch of both papers to show you how the colors come out on my skin tone. I briefly did a quick wipe across my arm and as you can see the color comes off pretty well. If you want a more dramatic look just simply keep wiping the color to achieve your desired look. I really liked the bronzer it was nice and looked well with my skin tone. I wish the blush had a little less glitter on it but other than thought the color was nice as well.
Now if blotting papers are not your thing you can use the blush sticks instead. There are 5 colors in the
Glide-on Blush Stick including Bittersweet and Peachy Keen $5.99.

Both glide on blush sticks are easy to use just simply twist the bottom to allow the blush to come up and what I do is make a line across my cheek bone starting from my the mid line outward and then I take my finger but you can also use a blush brush and in a circular motion move outward towards my hair.

Bittersweet is a brown/red color and peachy keen is a coral/pink color. I drew a quick line on my arm so the pigment is well and you have the option of either making it darker by applying more or lightening it by blotting it with paper. Either way you can get some great looks!

The last face product I will be talking about is the Cool & covered Aloe Concealer in Bisque $5.99

This cute little product looks like a big pill and twists to bring out a concealer.

Just simply draw a line on your under eye area or areas with large pores you want to cover and blend it in. I just love the size and shape of this product and can easily pop it into any makeup/work bag.

Overall, I love the sizes of all the face products. I think there great to take with you on the go for quick touch ups and think that each products gives pretty good pigment. And I didn't have an issue with the longevity of each product. Plus all of the products are very affordable.

Products are starting to become available throughout the USA at Rite Aid, Harmon, Sears and select beauty supply stores. Check out Styli-style’s Web Site to look for the nearest supplier or to purchase online. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see this company grow and see what kind of products they come up with in the future!!

Want to see what products Styli Style has check out any of there new social media pages:
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**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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